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Our Projects

Discover just some of the projects we have worked on for our past clients. If you have any questions about our contributions to each, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Seton Recreation Centre

The Seton Recreation Centre in Calgary encompasses 330,000 sq. ft. of athletic, cultural, and artistic amenities. As one may imagine, housing a water park, 2 multi-purpose ice rinks, daycare, arts theatre, and full-service public library in such close proximity to one another could present a significant challenge in terms of sound management. The team at FFA lent our expertise to help optimize the acoustics throughout. With our guidance, the new facility is better equipped to support everyone’s long-term enjoyment.


Lafarge Cement Plant

Regardless of industry, having better on-site acoustics is a benefit for any location. Lefarge is Canada’s largest supplier of diversified construction materials including ready-mix concrete and assorted aggregates. As such, they require an impressive site to handle their output. FFA was called in to alleviate the negative impact of noise on employees and the surrounding community.



FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control Ltd. has a long track record of noise and vibration control in facilities where sound travels and silence is golden.

Do you have any questions about the full scope of our services? Contact our firm.

Industrial Support

Protect the hearing of your staff and understand your responsibilities as an employer with our qualified noise mapping service.

Architectural Expertise

Whether it involves noisy HVAC equipment or unnecessarily loud piping and electrical systems, we help maintain a more comfortable volume.

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