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Noise Consulting for Canadian Industries

FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control Ltd. has worked with many industries to address and solve their industry-specific noise and vibration concerns. If you require noise and vibration expertise, our firm is standing by, ready to take your call.


industrial acoustics

Below is a list of common industrial acoustical services our clients require, however, if the service you are looking for is not listed below please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Environmental Acoustics

FFA provides a range of environmental acoustics services such as noise impact assessments, sound propagation modelling, environmental noise control design and noise monitoring. Please see our environmental acoustics services for more details.

Facility Acoustical Design
Increasingly jurisdictions are requiring new industrial facilities to conduct noise and vibration assessments prior to construction to ensure the facilities meet the acoustical expectations and regulations of the surrounding communities. Our firm has worked with clients during the design and construction phases of their facilities to ensure the structure in question meets the required levels when completed.

Facility Noise Mapping
Noise environments in and around industrial facilities can be complex with multiple noise sources. Noise mapping either through sound level measurements of an existing facility or through modelling of a proposed facility allows our clients to understand the noise environments of their facilities and give them the knowledge and ability to protect their workers.

Noise Control for Worker Noise Exposure
Occupational health and safety regulations require that employers implement engineered noise mitigation measures to protect their employee’s hearing. FFA has worked with our clients to assess their facility and provide practical noise control recommendations to reduce their employees’ noise exposure levels.

FFA has been helping local businesses for years. Learn more about our capabilities by contacting us today.

Industrial Support

Protect the hearing of your staff and understand your responsibilities as an employer with our qualified noise mapping service.

Architectural Expertise

Whether it involves noisy HVAC equipment or acoustically designing a room for clear communication, we help design buildings that perform.

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