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Architectural Expertise

Whether it involves noisy HVAC equipment or acoustically designing a room for clear communication, we help design buildings that perform. 

environmental Assessments

Allow our team to evaluate your company’s impact on the surrounding community. We can address any potential issues in short order.

industrial support

Protect the hearing of your staff and understand your responsibilities as an employer with our qualified noise mapping service.

Noise Control and Acoustical Design Professionals in Calgary for Projects across Western Canada


FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control Ltd. is committed to providing practical solutions for your acoustical and noise control concerns. We specialize in a wide range of services for the benefit of our commercial, residential, and institutional clientele. Whether we’re consulting on the acoustical design of new construction or delivering on-site assessments for an existing space, our firm is dedicated to optimizing all types of structures for improved noise management. Our team in Calgary will ensure your business is in full compliance with all local regulations. We can optimize the conditions to meet your objectives. Contact FFA today!


Noise Management Solutions

FFA helps clients understand the full extent of their noise emission. Eliminate complaints from your staff, neighbours, or the community at large. We offer dependable design work, detailed measurements, comprehensive monitoring surveys, and seasoned advice for clients across Canada. Our client list includes the following:

Architects, Developers, Institutions
Oil and Gas Facilities, Mining Operations 
School Boards, And many more

We possess the experience and equipment you need. If you have concerns about the level of noise you’re hearing, feel free to get in touch.

Control the Volume

Reduce instances of complaint. We possess the tools to better manage problematic noise and vibration in a variety of situations.

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