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Noise Impact Assessments and Environmental Acoustic Services to Build Quieter Communities

FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control Ltd. provides environmental acoustic services for various commercial and industrial activities, including noise impact assessments, in the Calgary area and beyond. We serve a variety of industries, including:

Oil and gas facilities • Petrochemical plants • Mining
Manufacturing • Electricity production


Environmental acoustics

Below is a list of common environmental acoustical services our clients require, however, if the service you are looking for is not listed below please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Noise Impact Assessment (NIA)
Understanding local noise regulations and directives is crucial when preparing NIAs. First, our firm makes sure we know and understand the local noise ordinances that apply to a specific NIA. Then sound propagation modelling and analysis of facility noise on the surrounding area is carried out with respect to these local regulations and directives. Finally, reports clearly explaining the impact to the client, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders are issued.

Sound Propagation Modelling
Our firm offers software modelling of simple or complex noise sources to distant receivers. Modelling includes the effects of directivity of the noise sources, barriers (man-made or natural), wind, inversions, terrain, distance, and orientation of the receivers from the noise source.

Noise Control Design
Octave and 1/3 octave frequency analysis of problem noise sources along with acoustic modelling allows us to design noise control measures to mitigate sound problems. Solutions are practical and based on commercially available noise control products or custom designed products where warranted.

Noise Monitoring

We provide long and short-term noise and vibration monitoring. Our firm employs state of the art noise and vibration measuring instrumentation along with continuous audio recording of noise monitoring sessions to identify the nature of the noise environment from both the natural noise environment as well as the noise of concern.

From environmental acoustics to facility noise mapping, our firm is ready to assist. Get in touch with us to speak about your company’s specific needs.

Industrial Support

Protect the hearing of your staff and understand your responsibilities as an employer with our qualified noise mapping service.

Architectural Expertise

Whether it involves noisy HVAC equipment or acoustically designing a room for clear communication, we help design buildings that perform.

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