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About FFA

FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control Ltd. is a registered engineering consulting firm specializing in acoustics and noise control. The firm's strength is the 50 plus years of practical experience of its team of acousticians and engineers. The firm's principal member, Clifford C. Faszer, P. Eng., has been an acoustical consultant since graduating from the University of Alberta in Mechanical Engineering in 1976, giving him over 40 years of broad-based acoustical experience. This practical experience allows the firm to convert the theoretical complexities of the acoustical field into usable recommendations and designs that can be incorporated into our clients' projects.

Since the firm’s formation in 1998 (formerly Faszer Farquharson and Associates Ltd.), we have worked on many major architectural projects throughout Western Canada and been involved in noise-related environmental projects across Canada and internationally. The firm has experience in all stages of the building process including conceptual and preliminary design, project design and preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation and review, shop drawing review, site review during construction and acoustical testing during commissioning. Additionally, the firm has extensive experience dealing with the regulatory noise requirements and acoustical intricacies of the manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, and energy industries.

The latest Brüel and Kjær logging environmental sound level meters and portable real-time sound level analyzers are used to undertake acoustical measurements. These acoustical measurements are combined with custom designed and commercially available acoustic programs for engineering design and analysis purposes which allows the firm to meet the varied needs of its clients.

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Architectural Expertise

Whether it involves noisy HVAC equipment or acoustically designing a room for clear communication, we help design buildings that perform.

environmental Assessments

Allow our team to evaluate your company’s impact on the surrounding community. We can address any potential issues in short order.

industrial support

Protect the hearing of your staff and understand your responsibilities as an employer with our qualified noise mapping service.

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